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Who says there’s one way to spend and save? is a money management tool for women who run the world and want to be prosperous on their own terms. We help you set up your finances to achieve the lifestyle dreams that make you happy.


Your life, well-funded


See all of your money in one place: Connect your bank accounts and credit cards, and get AI-driven insights into your spending, savings and investing habits.


Set up happiness goals: Saving up for something special? We’ll show you how much you need to save daily, weekly or monthly to reach your goals while strengthening your financial health.


Learn from others: Women have a unique relationship with money. Wages, salary negotiation, life expectancy, caregiving responsibilities. Join the conversation as we discuss the ups and downs of careers, travel, finances and living life our way.


On Your Terms

We give you an app that helps you understand your daily money moves. Our partners give you specialized one-on-one coaching that helps set you up to achieve your lifestyle goals and be financially savvy.

Amy Matthews

Amy is an executive and career coach who provides comprehensive and holistic services for women across the country. From entrepreneurs to executives to professional women or women ready for a new career challenge, Amy has designed a tailored program for the community.

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Erin Papworth

Erin is the Founder of and on a mission to help women achieve the lifestyles and confidence they deserve. Erin offers one-on-one sessions to help early entrepreneurs nav.igate the initial administrative set up of their small business, from freelancing to side hustles to consultancies and more! Learn more by emailing:

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Nicole Negron

Nicole is a leading women’s health and wellbeing consultant. With a background in Functional Medicine nutrition, she helps women understand that the correlation between the female brain and a woman’s cyclical pattern is the key to productivity and better physical & mental health. Connect with Nicole and received discounted services as a user.

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Whitney Hansen

Whitney specializes in money coaching and teaching overwhelmed millennials how to accelerate paying off debt and be financially independent. As a preferred partner, Whitney provides Nav.igators one-on-one coaching at a discount, using the code upon booking.

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The podcast

Join founder Erin Papworth, and show host, Lisette Austin, as they discuss how women can become prosperous on their own terms.

Through discussions and guest interviews, this weekly podcast offers resources and insights to help women nav.igate finances and careers, and achieve lifestyle goals.

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Nadia Imafidon
1 day ago the Market: Week of Dec. 9th

Launched by popular demand, we’re bringing you a quick and (sometimes) dirty recap of the week in stocks. We’ll break it down by sector because your portfolio likely looks the same. Here’s a guide to the market if you’re shy about your sector knowledge (that’s the whole world, by the way). Each week, we’ll report key updates to 11 sectors, citing big changes, new IPOs, important company or industry updates, and all that jazz.Here’s this week’s breakdown:  Energy  Oil prices […]

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Maia Monell
1 day ago

Your Guide to the Market

Every week we give you the quick (and sometimes dirty) recap of the week in stocks, in hopes that it will inspire you to keep a pulse on the market, and make some strategic moves in the investment space (go make that bank). The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) dictates how these broad sectors are presented and which sub-sectors and industries fall under specific sectors. In case you’re curious, there are 11 sectors that are broken down into 24 industry […]

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Bekah Stallworth
4 days ago

Make Every Purchase Count with These Charitable Brands and Retailers

When Toms came onto the scene in 2006, the company’s one-for-one policy was kind of radical. It wasn’t unheard of for a brand to have a charitable component, but Toms didn’t just sell shoes–it sold a conscious lifestyle. For years, it was endearing if a company gave back, but it wasn’t expected. Now, consumers will blacklist brands if there isn’t an element of transparency or social responsibility. We can all agree that we’d prefer brands to take an activist stance […]

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