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Spending, savings, income, debt—we’ll keep tabs on it all and suggest the best ways to fund your future self (better yet, connect your bank account and we’ll do it for you).

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Living your best life shouldn’t mean eating only instant ramen to fund your Bali trip. We’re giving you tutorials on savings hacks, travel tips and healthy money habits, so you can set yourself up to have the lifestyle you crave.

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With Nav.it Premium, you get access to even more discounts from our partners, along with free one-off coaching sessions, giveaways exclusive to premium users, and personalized products that match your spending and your goals.

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Our community already lets you connect with your globe-trotting peers, but how about talking directly to a travel influencer? Pick the brains of the people who’ve made careers out of being tourists.

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Use our daily savings tracker to stash that cash for your next big dream.
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Learn how other women nav. travel, careers, lifestyle choices and investing and set yourself up to become financially savvy.
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Chat with other Nav.igators about their wins, fails, and everything in between.
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Say the F word—finance, that is. We’ll teach you the basics (without putting you to sleep). Our AI makes the information personalized to your life experience.
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One-on-one convos with travel bloggers, career professionals, entrepreneurs and finance experts who can teach you how to game the system.
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Exclusive lifestyle, money, and travel deals that aren’t available to free users (welcome to the cool club).