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Introducing the Podcast

Introducing the Podcast

Welcome to the podcast!  This podcast is dedicated to inspiring you to become prosperous on your own terms, elevating the way you experience the world.

At we believe women are redefining what wealth means to them. We invite you to join the conversation as we build a feminine vocabulary around money and what it means to be successful. Hearing how other women have rocked their lifestyles, finances, and travel—and have navigated traditionally male dominated systems, is a great way to get inspired and shift mindsets . This podcast provides tips, resources and insights through weekly discussions and guest interviews with featured Nav.igators. 

What is

Women finally have access to their own money, and it’s  time we start talking about it, managing it and owning it. is three things:

1)  A money management app that provides practical finance life and travel tips - all speaking to the feminine experience. You can use the app to set up tangible savings priorities to achieve lifestyle goals. ( Download it at and get a 30-day free premium trial).

2) A verb: To "" means to navigate successfully through challenges and obstacles to get to your end goal.

3) A community: a sisterhood of navi.gators who will support you on your journey to financial and experiential wealth.