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Founded by CEO Erin Papworth in 2016, is a team of creative and curious women from across the U.S. who came together with one goal: to elevate the way women live and travel.

At we know money gives us the freedom to be who we want to be world. And it takes a lot more than voluptuous pockets to live and travel right.

We created because women are redefining what wealth means to us. The wealth of travel, the wealth of experiences. Financial wealth. The wealth of community. It’s time to have that conversation and create a dialogue about what inspires and motivates us to engage in this world.

Women’s lives are not one-size-fits-all, so neither is the experience. Come join us on this adventure and be part of the community who helps level up how we all live our best lives.

Erin Papworth, Chief Executive Officer
Erin Papworth, Chief Executive Officer
Shannon Krueger, VP of Operations
Shannon Krueger, VP of Operations
Amanda Page, Creative Director
Amanda Page, Creative Director

You do.

The Nav.igator is a savvy woman, sharp witted, curious, kills it at work and is probably boarding a plane to an exotic country, or at least looking into the best flight deals to get to one.

She believes she has the power to navigate her life and the world, internally driven, financially free and looking for guidance from her sister-travelers about the most exhilarating, but safe ways to get around Morocco this year.

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We are a small, impassioned team of women who swear by the infallible power of a tangible, accessible world. We believe a women’s capacity to find her footing, expand her horizons and thrive should be a borderless and boundaryless endeavor.

We believe in travel — as a hobby, but more significantly, as a function of connectivity and empowerment. We also know the woman needs tools and support to do this well and wisely. So, as we consider partnerships, we look for people who can provide our nav.igators with products to enrich their lives; to help them see the world, understand the world and be in the world.

A few of our partners...

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